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Hope Is Where the Heart Is

Michelle Karns, the founder of BackPack Kids

Who We Are

Our belief is that when you FEEL the need of a child, you will FILL the need of a child.

Backpack Kids is a Non for Profit kids charity organization that was started in 2015. It originally started out of Ridgecrest Elementary in Puyallup, WA. We are now helping other schools, and in community outreach programs focused on the local youth.  Our main goal is to provide food over the weekend to children that otherwise would not have enough food, or any.  

It seems unreal that there are kids ... kids that go to school, ride the bus, live by, and are friends with our own kids that are going HUNGRY. Daily. The thought of a child going without food, takes my breath away. It keeps me up at night. It makes me feel helpless. We all agree that it is a terrible thought, let alone a terrible fact. Most of us will say " I can't imagine."  or " That's terrible... " 

  However, Some people will say " How can I help? " ... If you made it here, and are reading this. YOU are one of those people. THANK YOU. I mean that. The first way to help these kids, is to know that they are out there. It's not easy to find a way to help these kids. That is why I started this Non-Profit. It can be overwhelming, and down right intimidating to find a way to actively help and volunteer in the community when you are like most of us. People who just live day to day lives. I've made it my mission to involve as many people that want to help, in this project. In fact, I depend on that help. I could NOT do this without every single person, and donation that has gone towards the ongoing mission to keep as many kids as we can, fed. 

No help, idea, or donation is too small. What seems small to us, could mean a child is able to stay awake during class, learn, concentrate , or just be able to get through the day.  It allows these kids to just be little, in whatever fashion that reality is. Take a look at the other sections on this site to see information on how I started this, food items we need, and my latest endeavors. Please feel free to reach out to me. I would love your input and help!

Michelle Renee Karns 


Who We Are

Bringing Change


The Bags

Each week bags are packed with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for each weekend that our Backpack Kids are out of school. A lot of love goes into our bags. We may never meet these kiddos, but we are always thinking of them. 

From the Fundraising, Food Drives, Volunteers, to the word of mouth ... EVERY PART MATTERS. It means that hundreds of children will get these bags each week in our local area.


THANK YOU Backpack Village! 

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