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Every school year our needs & schools will change. In fact, each school has a different need and system they use to help their students. BPK helps support the staff and students with what they are in most need of. Each school looks a little different. We are flexible, and very accepting to each school and situation. Our goal is to help, and make things easier. 

Schools that BPK Serves Currently as of 10/2018 

  • Ridgecrest Elementary - Puyallup SD
  • Fruitland Elementary - Puyallup SD
  • Stewart Elementary - Puyallup SD
  • Carson Elementary - Puyallup SD
  • Hunt Elementary - Puyallup SD
  • Northwood Elementary - Puyallup SD
  • Emerald Ridge High School - Puyallup SD
  • Roy Elementary - Bethel SD
  • Bethel Middle School - Bethel SD
  • Bethel High School - Bethel SD
  • Spanaway Lake High School - Bethel SD
  • Challenger Alternative High School - Bethel SD
  • Daffodil Elementary - Sumner SD
Schools Served in 2017-2018
  • Ridgecrest Elementary

  • Fruitland Elementary

  • Stewart Elementary

  • Hunt Elementary

  • Northwood Elementary

  • Emerald Ridge High School